3 Ways to Identify Anti-Blackness in the Workplace (& Life)

Rooted in Lived Experience

Black and white photo of Mama J — CEO & JEDI Strategist of Mama J Love Consulting LLC — wearing black square-framed glasses with disco-like ball dangling earrings with a white sweater with black hearts with “LOVE” in the background.
Photo Credit: Byron Malik Photography

It’s revolutionary to have co-designed a space to talk about the hard things.

This subjective reality, an embodiment of the Lovelution I could only dream of 8 years ago, when I coined the term as how I wanted to feel in life. leadership, and business. Now, the result of the radical…



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Jillian “Mama J” Love

Jillian “Mama J” Love


CEO & Intentional Justice™ Strategist @mamajlove1 🌈 Bite-sized + deliberate action every damn day! #IntentionalJustice