A Quest for Sustainable Sovereignty

Jillian “Mama J” Love
4 min readOct 28, 2021

As I round the corner of my first year of being a full-time CEO, I am reflecting on a series of questions answered 6 months ago on the Aries New Moon:

What does your inner child want?

Where does the fire energy live in your body?

Where in your life can you be more courageous?

What are you going to create for yourself in the coming 12 months?

Kiala Givehand

New Moons: A Time to Plant Seeds

As I sat with my journal on the new moon with Kiala as my guide, I returned to the cyclical practice of writing to mama moon. A return to the cyclical reminder of how we/I are connected to the cosmos that keeps me rooted in my intentionality.

Each response in my journal, a seed planted.

An intention named that would call for my attention.

Each bite-sized and deliberate step acts as the water to the seed.

Attention that required unconditional love, choice, and action.

Each question, now with a clearer answer.

Trusting a cyclical practice of writing to la luna each time she goes dark — a New Moon.

Yes, the moon carries primal feminine energy that I have stayed connected to since birthing my child at home. When I counted the days and nights by the moon setting and then rising again over a 72 hour period.

Now, nearly 7 years later, a practice of intentionality rooted in a cycle that’s been all its own.

One I am documenting in a manuscript— Lovelution, which carries the same name of the corporation I launched earlier this year.

As I finish the manuscript and prepare to launch a second brand and simultaneously shift the business model of Mama J Love Consulting LLC, I return to my journal as a reminder of my audacious dreams and the response to the Q: What are you going to create for yourself in the coming 12 months?

My answer: I Am Sustainable Sovereignty

What is Sustainable Sovereignty?

Mama J’s Sacred Declaration — I AM SUSTAINABLE SOVEREIGNTY

Sustainable Sovereignty is stepping into, standing, and staying in our power.



Jillian “Mama J” Love

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