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Jillian “Mama J” Love
3 min readMar 18, 2022

Let’s Talk about Anti-Blackness

Earlier this week, I was reviewing Monday’s email — Who’s holding you accountable? — with my business and marketing coach, who pulled out this hidden gem 💎

I have worked hard* with bite-sized and deliberate action every damn day to heal from the workplace trauma that when unraveled has in actuality been two decades’ worth of anti-Blackness. — Mama J

*With full acknowledgment of the privilege I hold in light of this important conversation I’m here for 💯

TL:DR 👉🏽 White Supremacy manifests as anti-Blackness even as someone believes they are empowering

If not a lifetime amidst the dance of perfectionism and respectability that acted as invisible and unspoken rules of conduct.

Even in a moment of victory, Jane Campbell made the choice to devalue two of the most accomplished Black women in the world — Venus and Serena William.

This recent, “Did that really happen?” moment and now example has me ready to talk about anti-Blackness.

Brené Brown, Atlas of the Heart 🫀

📣 Calling in all Brave Leaders 🦁

Let’s talk about ⤵️

⚡️ Anti-Blackness: the dehumanization of Black folx ⚡️

Dehumanization is a process….

Dehumanization always starts with language.

- Brené Brown, Atlas of the Heart 🫀

AND, by what’s NOT said 🗣

39.5 years and 4 intentional years into this journey as a Black queer mamaprenuer disrupting and dismantling White Supremacy Culture while healing complex trauma, this is the FIRST time in my life that I feel physically safe to name the psychological, behavioral, and emotional processes that lead up to naming three separate experiences of anti-Blackness in recent days*.

Here’s the thing 🤓 It’s time to SAY THE THING 📣

The anti-Blackness I experienced simply shined a light on this gem 🔦

“New skills have to be practiced in the situations they…



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