Parenting in the Pandemics: First Day @ School

Jillian “Mama J” Love
4 min readMar 29, 2021

It’s 10:30 am on Monday, March 29th, and I am cherishing the silence. Well, actually the birds are chirping reminding me that spring is here.

It’s also the first day AT school.

My daughter, a Kindergartener in the Berkeley Unified School District is back at school for in-person learning for the first time!

Cue Teyana Taylor’s “Made It” 🥳

Girl you made it, you made it

Aw yeah, you made it, you made it

Baby girl you made it, you made it

Aw yeah, you made it, you made it

It’s been a long time comin’

And then, I’m flooded with the memory shared in Part 1: One’s Profession IS Personal when I said to Jaylin in mid-April 2020, “Love, you won’t be going back to school this week…or the rest of the year.”

To this, Jaylin immediately responded with “This is a disaster!”

What felt like a disaster to a then preschooler has in reality been 54 weeks of living through an active trauma.

Even so, I will always be grateful for the time to reconnect with Jaylin’s learning as her co-teacher across two households first as we wrapped up preschool and then as a Kindergartener. And, I will be the first to say…



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